Friday, September 3, 2010

The Return

OK, i know i was so bad for making you wait for over a year before this post. God, i was such a monster! How could i neglect my readers? Anyways, your long wait is officially over. Here I am now - 'major major back' - to give you exciting updates about our favorite 'bacacay'.

We just had our fiesta celebration (Aug. 29 - 30) and believe me - it was as fabulous as the previous fiestas i could remember. The fiesta was made even colorful by the nightly festive events that gave bacacayanos fun-filled entertainment.Competitors in Bacacay's version of Pilipinas Got Talent and Show Time made the viewers at the global gym laugh and shout as reactions to the performance they saw on the stage. I was also lucky to have not missed 'bayle bacacay, a ballroom competition.

Although a paid show, the first ever Karagumoy hunk and babe, a bikini open contest, was well-patronized by our local inhabitants and visitors from nearby municipalities even Legazpi City. Well, who wouldn't want to see sexy and sizzling hot bodies, anyways? Honest, among the shows, this one's my favorite. :D

Remaining the most anticipated fiesta event was the annual parade that took place along the streets of poblacion the day before the fiesta. Despite the sun's sweltering heat, students and teachers from elementary and secondary Bacacay public schools and Zamora Memorial College and the local officials joined the long parade with smiles of excitement and joy. The eye-catching and energetic drum corps from each school exhibited their best choreography as they hit the street and finally competed at the town plaza, the parade's terminal spot.

Oppss... I know you want to see the pictures. I know, right? Sad news is I wasn't able to take pictures of these events except during the street presentation held Friday, Aug 28. So, don't you frown. I'll post them hopefully after this entry.

That would be enough for now guys... Got a lot of work to do... : D

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